What People are Saying About Infotrek

"It accesses only trusted websites recommended by librarians and educators. Alternative safe search engine for high school students. Many topics which include: Science,Chemistry, Astronomy, Technology, Mathematics, Biography, Art, Artist and Art History, American and World Literature, US and World History, Geography, Nutrition and Languages including French, Spanish, German and American Sign Language. (and more)"
               Blooms Digital Web Tools

"Infotrek.info is a safe search engine for high school students that offers information and reference sites on a variety of topics."
               Illiana Christian High School

"Use this simple search engine to find topics in other search engines such as Infotopia, Infomine, Bielefeld Search Engine, Open Doar and Chabot College. Extend your search to encompass even more search engines previoiusly selected by librarians, teachers and library and educational consortia. This academic search engine was created by and is maintained by Dr. Michael Bell, former chair, Texas Association of School Librarians. "
               Forest Hills Senior High

" A FREE Google custom search engine for High School Students. Students can easily perform their own searches or scroll through a list of subject areas and topics. These sites have been recommended by teachers and librarians to assist students with their academics."
               Public Library, City of Yoakum, Yoakum, Texas.

" BEST Apps For Search Engines .. Free! InfoTrek is a search engine created specifically for high school students."
               APPEd Review

"This is a search engine designed especially for high school students.It safely directs students to information on anything from science to math to social studies to language arts."
               Cathy Brown, Anbdover Central High School

"Appedreview rated Infotrek 7.3 out of ten overall, with 5 stars for interactivity!"

"My all-time favorite, go-to research resource for students K-12 and college-aged -- as well as for their teachers -- has always been *Infotopia.info*. Didn't think I'd ever find anything to beat it and its iterations such as KidTopia.info, TeacherTopia.info, and the others. But Carole and Michael Bell, the creators of Infotopia.info, etc., have outdone themselves with an amazing new resource called *InfoTrek.info*. These descriptions of *InfoTrek.info*, which were written by actual users, are reproduced from the website:"
               Kate Brown, LM_NET Archives

"...determined to teach my students better research skills next year, I researched other “safe” search engines and discovered www.InfoTrek.info. The site is a safe Google alternative specifically geared toward high school students, created and maintained by former librarians and high school teachers. The publishers claim “an important feature of InfoTrek is that accesses only trusted websites recommended by librarians, teachers, and library and educational consortia” (Bell). The interface is much more student friendly and allows students to conduct sophisticated searches with ease while also teaching them techniques for better research. I will start next year with several lessons for the students that will teach them this resource and endeavor to make it a staple of my class."
               Amber Wilson, Teaching, Learning, Laughing

"A Power Portal for You - Want more from the web? Avoid useless results by using this search engine: Infotrek. Infotrek has been designed especially for students and does not collect information about its users. It only accesses trusted websites recommended by teachers and librarians. This means the job of searching for reliable information is done by the search engine, saving you time. "
               Rosebud Secondary College, Victoria Australia

" Try using Infotrek (instead of Google) to search the Internet."
               J.T. Moore Library

" Infotrek.com is a search engine that is safe for high school students to use during their research. This search engine focuses on information in the realms of science, technology, math, biographies, art & recreation, literature, language arts, social, studies, history, quotations, health, nutrition, medicine, disease, images, and languages. Information gathered through the search are accessed only through websites that have been recommended by educational experts. ... This search engine also provides students an option for note-taking and and an assistance tool for citing their sources correctly. This website would be a great asset for high school students conducting research for a research paper"
               Mrs. Velasquez`s Classroom

" Infotrek is a web-based searched engine that was created by Dr. Michael Bell and his wife, Carole Bell. Both have been classroom teachers and librarians and that is evident in the creation and set up of their website. The interface of the website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Some features that make this website useful for educators and students are the picture icons that indicate different subjects to search by, the reference buttons to other student friendly search engines, and the useful information that searches yield. The site also features a 'search tips' tab that can aid students in their search. The last feature that is unique to the site is, it allows you to take notes on the information you are reading and email it to yourself. ... The site could be used within the classroom anytime research needed to be conducted."
               Miss Claverie`s Class

" Infotrek is centered more around high school aged students with reference sites on many different topics and subjects. On the main search page of Infotrek are subject-sorted icons that students can click on that can take them straight to a specific search page that focuses on searching just in that subject area. Infotrek accesses only trusted websites that our recommended by librarians, teachers, and other educational associations."
               CrystalMaine Classroom Technology

" InfoTrek is a safe engine that is specific to high school students. I think that this an excellent site that allows the user to freely search whatever they want on a given topic and receive an abundance of valuable information. I liked that this site had a lot of information internally but also had links to other sites that best fit the age group that is being taught. This would be helpful in my classroom by finding information relevant to middle school students rather than information that may suit high school students better. There isn't much I would change about this website since it seems very useful and has a lot of information!"
               Colton Loomis Tech In Class

" Infotrek is a search engine that allows high school students to search the internet for educational websites by both searching for key words and by clicking through icons that represent different topics. Infotrek is very well organized and well presented, with graphics that aid users in navigating the website by subject area. The search option for this website takes users to a list of related web pages that are safe and educational. The search list is presented clearly and is easy to navigate. Infotrek even contains links to other student friendly search engines. It has a slightly unappealing color scheme (grey) and does include advertisements. I would use this website in my classes for students to browse topics, especially if they want to search by narrowing down results by subject area."
               Nathan Horwood, Technology in the Classroom

" InfoTrek is a custom search sponsored by Google, specifically with students in mind. This search engine is a safe search and keeps students clear of any inappropriate materials as they research. Infotrek has many notable features and is very user friendly. On InfoTrek’s startup page there are several icons to help narrow down the student’s topic. From that topic info trek displays more icons to further narrow down the search. For my students, I believe you'll find the mathematics page most helpful, as infotrek suggests topics and word choices to better enhance your search. As an educator I will definitely point my students towards this engine for basic research."
               Miss Knoch`s Classrtoom Blog

" Try a new search engine :infotrek! I haven't tried a new search engine for a long time, but I recently learned about infotrek and seeing it makes me want to use it regularly. You might want to give it a try the next time you want to do some scholarly research. All the sources are vetted (looked at by a real person and recommended) and selected with high school students in mind. I don't think you'll get so many junk results when you search and your teachers will appreciate your reliable, quality resources!"
               Linda Hightower, Cashmere High School

"If you're looking for more academic search results than the other search engines on this list, this is the site for you. Infotrek seems to be oriented to middle school or high school students, rather than elementary school students. All the search results are either academic articles or from no-nonsense informational sites like BBC or the History channel. There is also a useful feature where the site will help you enter keywords into the search bar to narrow down searches so you can find articles on exactly what you need. At the top of the page, there are icons that allow you to post search results to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Because the vast majority of schools block these sites, formatting errors on Infotrek may occur when using it at school. Plus, it can encourage procrastination by reminding you that you haven't checked Facebook in the last ten minutes, so you should probably do that instead of finishing research. Otherwise, this site has probably the best search results as far as academic knowledge than the other sites on this list."
               Simon McKenzie: Technology in the Classroom

"Created by educators as a safe search engine for high school students this useful site contains a wealth of data across many disciplines."
               Norma Marion Alloway Library, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC

" Use Infotrek to locate reliable sources. It is a Google alternative safe search engine for High School students. It accesses only trusted web sites. Use it for research on Science, Technology, Math, Biographies, Art and Recreation, Literature and Language Arts, Social Studies and History, Quotations, Health, Nutrition, Medicine, Diseases, Images, Audio and Video, and Foreign Languages"
                Randolph High School Library Media Center, Randolph, NY.

"Infotrek (is) - a search engine just for high school students!"
               Dumas High School, Dumas, Texas

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